If I got an analogue camera, was not only because I broke the other one but also, because I think that even if it is like a toy, it gives you a huge amount of possibilities to experiment with it. I don't remember which photo was the first one I tried to make symmetric but one that I definitely love is this one. Other experiment I had been trying to make but so far it hasn't been successful, is overlap the inside and the outside, but I really hope that in one of my thousands tries, something come out. And the last but not least, double and multiple exposure is also great and probably is what I had been more into. Recently I found some tricks with fire and some others with detergents, that I really want to try so hopefully I will have some of those tries soon to share with you. 
Hope you like them.


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How it started...

Since I got my first films developed from my first analogue camera, I felt in love with this kind of photography and that is why I created this, to share with everyone a different way to see the world.


This is me just having fun with a camera

Cómo empezó

Desde que compré mi primera cámara análoga, me enamoré con éste tipo de fotografía, y es así que decidí crear este espacio, para mostrar a las personas otra manera de ver el mundo.