Corn corn corn.

Corn is definitely a basic ingredient in Mexican food. We eat it in so many different ways and forms, but no matter how it is almost all the time, really good. Recently there had been protests in some cities to prohibit the use of GMO's in it, but it is something that just a small amount of people is supporting, hopefully the rest will realize about the importance of this soon. 


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How it started...

Since I got my first films developed from my first analogue camera, I felt in love with this kind of photography and that is why I created this, to share with everyone a different way to see the world.


This is me just having fun with a camera

Cómo empezó

Desde que compré mi primera cámara análoga, me enamoré con éste tipo de fotografía, y es así que decidí crear este espacio, para mostrar a las personas otra manera de ver el mundo.