Traveling times

I think I have lost the count of the amount of trips i have taken since I arrived here, the number of planes, buses, trains, cars, bicycles... even the time i have spent walking for going somewhere. But there is something for sure that I will never forget,  the people I have met. Simply everything I have done in almost one year, the good and bad moments (in case there was any bad one), was possible thank's to every single person around me and it doesn't really matter if what we just said was a simple hello cause the reality is that they were part of my everyday life. 

I can not say all the things I have learned here, cause that is something more personal, I just know that every experience I have had here, gave me something to learn from and of course every person I met, gave me at least one lesson. It is amazing how much you can learn and change in just a few months, and I say a few cause now that I look back, it really feels like that. 

I came back to Oulu for a few days just for a final goodbye and it is a completely different environment, it feels somehow empty not because there is no people, but just because the people that really matter for me have almost left. In spite of that I will always remember this place with all those faces and I really take it with me, in my heart cause this two semesters of exchange had been one of the best decisions of my life.

At the moment I might be in a plane back home, don't really know what will be my mood by now cause I decided to write this before leaving. Maybe all the good and bad possible emotions will be with me during this day of long travel but the excitement of being back in my country and see my friends and family there is something that will make every bad moment vanish somehow.


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