Still I have some photos from Finland. I was really surprised on how people and cities can change from Winter to Summer, Finland for example was completely different. In winter you have darkness non stop, cold weather, snow and not so many things happening outside, off course. But during summer the cities become so alive, people seem to be happier, you have light and sun all the time, weather is warm, there are activities all the time, festivals...  It is really different and trust me, when you have to live without watching the sun or having light for something like 4 months, you really understand the value of light. 
For me this happened just for a year but for people from the Nordic countries, that is every single year and after that I understood a lot of things about them, that it would had been impossible if I haven't experience how all that is.
Anyway, I am getting used again to the warm weather, over thirty degrees every day is a bit horrible but I went form here so, in a few weeks I hope everything is normal again.
Happy Monday!


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