It is not about the place, it is about the people

I still remember the first night I spent in Oulu. I met all the Mexican group from the autumn-winter 2013's semester and we decided to walk a bit around the city, which in the end was not just a bit because we went back to the hotel room around 4am, but that is not too important, my point is this place and specially this red houses are something that I will never forget because the only memories I have from them are not just good but, really good.
The thing is that when you decide to go somewhere, in my case was for an exchange, is better not to expect something, just be patient and things will happen, you will end up meeting a lot of people but in the end you will end up hanging with the ones you really want to be and having the best time of your life; I remember once I was in Switzerland for a workshop and a friend told me -It is not about the place, it is about the people- and at that moment I didn't realize about it because I was in Zürich and the city was already beautiful, the weather was nice, my roommates were really kind and just good things were happening but when I moved to Finland in September I started discovering a lot of new things until now... 
I realized that darkness can be dangerous, you might know that Finland is one of the countries with the highest rank of suicides, in the beginning I didn't understand why because when I arrived it was autumn, it was something new, there was light, the city looked beautiful...  but when winter came and now Spring I understand more everything. Imagine how your life changes when you go from having the sun everyday, 24 hrs for around 3-4 months, to reaching the point when you don't have sun at all, when you don't see the light, it is cold outside and the cities seem a bit dead, Finland is like this... now I remember what that friend in Switzerland told me and indeed, it is true. I had great times thanks to the people I met here. I don't regret at all coming to Finland cause I grew here, I grew as a person, as an architect, as a friend and a daughter, I made really good friends that although I know I won't see them soon, I know they will always be there for me because I will always be there for them.
I must say Thank you Finland for everything, because now I am ready to live, and hope that if someone is ready this, I know is quite long, just decide to travel cause there is where you really learn about life and of course meet people, enjoy life, be spontaneous and discover the best version of you cause it could be that you don't know it yet but there is one and I know one day you will find it.


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